Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What makes me me???

After finishing up for the semester with APG 350 I know we have heard from everyone on what we thinks makes me me.  After finishing up my paper tonight and with the final presentations in class I have really sat and thought about this.  I still after all these assignments give an exact answer, because there is too much to the answer.

Biologically I am human.  I am 99% the same as a chimpanzee.  I have 46 chromosomes.  My phenotype is shown through my dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and much more.  But in the paper we were focusing mainly on the biological aspect but I did give some of my opinion to wrap the whole thing up. 

I truly feel that our culture, surroundings, and choices make us who we our.  Mostly our choices. My sister and I grew up in the same house and are completely different people.  I have made choices completely different from hers that have molded the person that I am today.  I chose my friends, the music I listen to, the way I dress, what I majored in.  I look at those same choices made by the people I grew up with and they are all different.

Many things in the class have been so open ended.  I have found myself questioning and thinking about things I never have before.  I look at things like race and identity in a different way.  This class has truly been an experience that I would not take back...after 5 years of college I'm graduating May 20th and this is probably one of the classes and college experiences I won't forget. 

Everyone has been adding family photos or bringing them in class so I added some of my own!


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