Monday, April 23, 2012

What makes me, me

I was working on our upcoming group presentation and on answering the questions: what makes me human and what makes me, me?  For the most part, the things I ended up using to define myself had little to do with my genetics...or did they? 

I used aspects of my culture, my values, my appearance, and my past life experiences as classifications of my identity.  Apart from my appearance, what I think makes me me has a lot to do with external forces acting upon me instead of being genetically predetermined. 

But then again, we only know what a small portion of our DNA encodes for and even the things we do know could be affected by the unknown factors.  It is possible that the things I think have nothing to do with genetics may actually be intricately intertwined, or even predetermined by my genetics. 

Could your DNA encode for a propensity toward certain kinds of people and thus predetermine the friends you choose?  Could you be genetically inclined to live in a specific region therefore impacting the culture one is exposed to?  Does our biochemical make-up have a larger, albeit less direct, influence on what it takes for you to be you and for me to be me?  Maybe it is feasible that our genetics have already predetermined areas of our lives that we've attributed to being consequences of the environment. 

The reasoning behind all of this becomes pretty circular without more research and new discoveries.    


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